House Painting is the easiest and most cost effective way to change any space completely around. Paint comes in all different colors and shades. Paint can also be stenciled in to fun shapes or patterns, to really set your space off and make it unique. While paint is relatively cheap, the act of painting can take quite a while, depending on the amount of space you need covered. For this reason, we would love to come and be the ones to paint for you. We have the best tools and we now all the tricks to make your paint job perfect.

Interior Walls

With our Home Interior Painting Services walls can be easy to paint, but they can also be difficult, depending on the state of the walls. If you interior walls are newer and smooth, painting is a relatively straight forward process; taping off edges and applying the paint in an even coating. If your walls are older and have possible cracking or slight warping, than painting gets a little more difficult. With older walls, we can add texture to the paint, which will help the paint to also get rid of imperfections that your wall many be showing.

Exterior Walls

Our walls can be a challenge to paint because, often times, exterior walls are clad in a textured surface. These surfaces can be wood or vinyl planks or bricks. Because of this, and because of the area that needs to be covered, usually an exterior is painted with a paint spraying machine. We only use the newest devices, which are capable of applying large, even coats quickly. We take great care to make sure that there are no drips and that your exterior color is even all the way around your home. If you need your house painted with our Home Exterior Painting Services, we’d be happy to do it for you.


In most residential spaces, people don’t often think of painting their ceilings. White ceilings look nice and clean and they do a great job at reflecting light and brightening up a space. But plain, white ceilings can also be a bit drab and boring. If you are looking for a more modern touch, that will really make your space your own, consider having us paint your ceiling for you. We can match the ceiling to your walls or we can paint it a complimentary color. We will make sure that your ceiling is beautiful.


While we addressed kitchen remodels in a different section on our website, one thing that can be done to add a pop of fun and color to your space is to have your cabinets painted. In this process, we leave your cabinets in place, but strip the top layer off; giving us a blank canvas to work with. After this, we can go to town and paint your cabinets whatever color you want. We can stick traditional, and paint them white or we can do something ultra modern and paint them a color that will make your friends and family say “WOW”.

We offer the best House Painting services in Reading PA and the surrounding areas. Whether you need home interior painting services, home exterior painting services or just regular home painting services for ceilings, cabinets etc, the team at reading general contractors are just one call away. 

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