Home Addition

Home Addition

If you feel like you are outgrowing your current home, and need some more space, but love your home and can’t see yourself moving, than building an addition could be the answer to your problems. The great thing about a home addition is that it can be constructed as any type of room you need. If you need an extra bedroom, we can do that for you. If you are in need of an extra bathroom, that can be done as well. We can even give you a family room for added space and comfort.


Building an addition is just the same as building a full house. The process are the same, just on a smaller scale. So, to start with, we need to build out your foundation. With foundations in an addition, we do our best to match the style of the foundation on your main house. If you have a concrete slab foundation, we can pour a new slab for the addition and join the pieces together. If you have wooden foundation, we can build off from that; giving you a new wood foundation in the addition that is fastened in to the foundation on your existing home.


The next step in the addition building process is the framing out of walls. Framing gives us the structural integrity to install a roof. Framing also gives us a foundation on which to install drywall and insulation. During the framing process, we will also frame out windows, door and an entry point from your main house in to your addition. This process will, most likely, see us having to remove an interior wall from your main house, to give a door to your addition. We do these two processes at the same time.


After we have poured a foundation, or built one out, and put up the framing for your walls, the next major step is to build out the roof. In this process, we will match the natural pitch of your existing roof; either adding to the angle or leveling the roof out. We then construct and put up the roofing beams and frame; making sure that the weight of the roof can be held up by the wall framing we’ve installed. Once this process is complete, we can shingle your roof in similar shingling to blend it in.

Blending the Addition

The entire point of a home addition is to make the addition look like it has always been there. Because of this, we do our best to blend in your new space with the old space. If we can find the exact same materials for your siding and roof and floors, then we will use those, so the addition is imperceptible from the main house. If we cannot find the exact same materials, we will do our absolute best to get as close as we can, so that we can blend the two pieces in to each other as seamlessly as possible.

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