We are the the number one general contractors in the Reading area. We have worked hard, over the years, to make sure that we have a sterling reputation and, now, we want to prove to you exactly why that is. Because we are general contractors, there are so many different things that we can specialize in. This helps us to solve any problem and tackle any task that is thrown our way. We have an amazing track record for success and we don’t back down from any challenges. We are friendly, outgoing people who have a sincere passion for making sure that all of your home construction projects are, not only taken care of, but done as well as they can be done.

We are licensed general contractors who are ready and willing to help you out whenever you need us. We can do massive construction projects inside your home, redoing kitchens and bathrooms and roofing. We can also help your outside space, building a deck or garage. Whatever your home construction needs are, we assure you that we can get them done for you. We have spent years learning from jobs and perfecting our craft. This means that we are always ahead of the game in terms of our knowledge and techniques. We employ the latest tools and we know all of the codes and regulations to make sure that, whatever we do for you, is up to code and will last for years to come.

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Once you have read through the types of services that we offer and decided that you’d like to move forward with one, or a few of them, let us know. We have included our phone number on this site, so that you can get a hold of us during our regular business hours. You can also feel free to leave us a message if you call after hours. In addition to this, we have included a contact form, for your convenience, which will send us over a message. Whichever way you choose to get in touch with us, we are happy to hear from you!

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Mon - Sat 9.00 - 18.30 Sunday - Closed


Pennsylvania, USA

About us

We are incredibly hard working men and women who are able to rise to any challenge set before us. We know all the ins and outs of a home and, because of that, we can demo, remodel or add on to anything you need.